Dear friend,

We have to talk about politics this year.

It’s partially because of the climate we're in: the unavoidable issues that affect our day-to-day, the gravity of what our world will look like after November. It's also because an overwhelming majority of you spoke up about politics during our February audience survey.

Thousands of readers like you asked us for critical political analysis from Bitch (that you can't get anywhere else). Many of you talked about how much you value the specific way that Bitch delivers current events to you: always with an analysis of why the topic is important and how it'll affect you and others. Always with an intersectional feminist lens. Always highlighting the perspectives you won't see from any mainstream media site.

That's why at the end of this month, we're launching Bitch 2020, a monthly political newsletter with roundups of our political coverage on issues such as climate change, reproductive rights, and down-ballot races in the 2020 US election.

But this newsletter goes beyond that. We also heard from many of you about feeling hopeless about the serious political issues that flood the news. There's no place for hopelessness at Bitch. We're staying informed, and now we're taking action.

For Bitch 2020, we've partnered with Platform Women, a political training and lobbying organization whose mission is to amplify the voices of all who identify as young women in order to advance feminist dialogue and policies. Platform Women will be working with us to create real opportunities for you to take direct action every month, putting pressure on federal and state legislators about the issues we care about.

Friend, we're set to launch at the end of the month. We really believe in this, and our board of directors is so invested in the success of Bitch 2020 that they've offered a $10,000 match until March 20th. Make a donation, join us as a member of The Rage, or subscribe to Bitch magazine today and help us launch Bitch 2020 with double the impact.

To all our badass readers and action-takers out there: thank you for your feedback last month. And thanks for joining us to get this launched!

Alison Vu
director of fundraising

P.S. Want to be the first on the list for Bitch 2020? Stay tuned for an update after March 20th!

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