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Texas Welcomes Endangered Sea Turtles

With the arrival of warmer temperatures visitors and residents begin their annual migration to beautiful Texas beaches. While many are soaking up the sun and frolicking in the waves, another visitor is also making their annual migration to the coast. Read more here.

Talking Trash at the International Marine Debris Conference

According to Cheryl King, our Hawai'i Program Director, you can’t study turtles without being affected by trash. Read about her time spent at the International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, CA. Read more here.

Turtles Happen While You're Busy Making Other Plans...

You may be wondering: can a turtle survive with only 3 flippers? Kea the sea turtle was found with clear monofilament line so deeply embedded in her flipper, that flipper had to be removed... Read the full story here.

Adopt A Nest

Adopt a nest of sea turtle hatchlings for yourself or a loved one. Click here!

All packages include a personalized adoption certificate and other materials about endangered sea turtles.

Take Action: Support A Bill to Buy Out Driftnet Permits

California’s driftnet fishery for swordfish harms a wide range of marine life, including whales and dolphins. This fishing method indiscriminately captures and drowns these animals. Alternative methods that have lower levels of bycatch exist.

Join us in taking this important first step in finally getting rid of this fishery.



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