Dear friend,

The dust has settled on the 2020 election. As we all probably know, Joe Biden has been elected president and will be inaugurated in January of next year. But that doesn’t mean the work to move us forward starts then.

It starts now.

Donald Trump won over 73 million votes in this election because of the proliferation of misinformation, white supremacy, and hatred around us. None of that ends because Joe Biden was elected, and that means not a single of one of us can afford to be complacent, even if there is a new administration coming.

So what does this mean for you, as a reader of Bitch, as someone who sees the intersection of media literacy and feminist values everyday? It means continuing to hold social media companies accountable for the bigotry and misinformation that they have let run rampant, for the violence they have let users perpetrate. It means having difficult conversations with the people around us and challenging their beliefs with facts and compassion. And truthfully, it also means continuing to invest in the media that makes you think critically about the world: Like what Bitch offers you.

This election taught us that we can’t hide the media that inspires critical thinking behind paywalls, and we can’t let it go unfunded. So please: Pitch in $25 and help us get to our $5,000 goal by this Sunday. Your donation will get put to work right away as we move past election coverage and into what Bitch readers (like you, possibly!) have identified as needs as we move forward into the next fight for our rights, the upcoming presidency, and beyond.

Thank you.

P.S. Seriously, misinformation doesn’t go away just because Joe Biden will be president. If Bitch has helped you fact-check, stay informed, or introduce someone to feminism, support this work and donate today.


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