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Monthly News from Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation  |  July 2021


A Senior Pup Gets a Fresh Start

Three photos of Honey, a senior poodle mix

Sweet, 14-year-old Honey made her way to ARF in rough shape. Despite her happy personality, multiple medical conditions had taken their toll on her tiny body. ARF’s clinic removed multiple sebaceous adenoma growths from her face, cleaned and shaved her matted fur down to a short puppy-cut, and extracted several infected teeth that were causing her pain and discomfort. But the biggest issue that needed to be addressed was a large tumor on her torso.

Honey was brave as she went into surgery to remove the growth. Thanks to ARF’s expert veterinary staff, her procedure was a success and the tumor was sent to a laboratory for analysis. The results told us it had been a cancerous, specifically a grade 1 mammary tubular adenocarcinoma. But further chest x-rays showed no signs of metastasis! Honey made a full recovery from surgery in an ARF foster home, and she was cleared for adoption. Now she's awaiting your adoption inquiry to join your family.

At many under-resourced shelters around the country, Honey’s age and advanced medical needs could have prevented her from getting the second chance she deserved. But not at ARF. Your gift today helps ensure the next dog or cat who enters our front door is given everything they need to thrive – and the time to find the loving home they deserve.


Sit, Stay, Smile Pet Photo Contest Returns

A collage of pet photos next to a cat posed alongside a DSLR camera

Do you have the cutest dog or cat around? Here's your chance to prove it! Submissions and voting for ARF’s second annual Sit, Stay, Smile Photo Contest are officially open, with the final votes being tallied on August 30.

The five cats and five dogs with the most votes, plus two judge-selected photos, will be featured in a celebratory 2021 pet calendar. (Photo submissions must meet ARF's print guidelines to be featured in calendar.) Winners will receive toys, treats, and complimentary copies of the calendar, which will also be available for sale online and in ARF's in-house boutique.

Last year's contest included adorable submissions from more than 500 pet guardians across the country. Now that's something worth wagging your tail about!


More ARF Updates

ARF staff posed at the facility's entrance, welcoming guests

Welcome Back

Miss seeing our animals' happy faces? ARF's front doors are officially open for visitors! For the smoothest adoption experience, learn more about our current process and how to submit an adoption inquiry online. We can't wait to see you.

A terrier outside on a walk, panting in the heat

Hot Weather Walks

Make sure your summer pet walks are as safe as they are fun! Remember to press your palm to the ground to check if it's too hot for your pet's paws. Take advantage of cooler temperatures around dawn and dusk. And always bring a bottle of water to keep your pet (and yourself) hydrated.

A cute kitten laying on her side

Don't Be a Kitten-Napper

What do you do if you find kittens alone? Often our first instinct is to take them in, but don't move them unless they appear sick or injured. Mom will likely be back soon and she's their best chance for survival. If they're still alone after eight hours, you can step in to help.

Bobby, a senior Border Collie, with his tongue hanging out of mouth

Adopt Bobby

Bobby is a mellow, senior pup who just wants to relax at your side. At 10 years old, he's not as fit as he used to be, but he'll pay you back tenfold in snuggles and kisses. Plus Bobby's adoption fee has already been prepaid! Submit your adoption inquiry today.