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Urgent Action Needed
Dear Jean,

On Thursday, Iowa passed an inhumane and unconstitutional law to ban undercover investigations that expose animal abuse. Politicians and Big Ag lobbyists sent a clear message to all Americans: They don’t want you to see the animal cruelty that occurs every day behind the closed doors of the state’s factory farms and slaughterhouses.

In Iowa, Mercy For Animals investigators have documented baby chicks ground up alive, mother pigs confined in tiny crates, and egg-laying hens locked in cages, among other sickening yet legal cruelties.

But Mercy For Animals isn’t giving up the fight. Animals need you to tell the Iowa Tourism Office that you won’t visit a state that covers up animal cruelty.
Although Iowa’s newest “ag-gag” bill passed at lightning speed, Mercy For Animals was quick to respond.

With only a few days to mobilize, we contacted more than a thousand Mercy For Animals supporters in Iowa and provided them with tools to contact their local representatives. We sent an official statement of opposition to Iowa politicians and called on our thousands of Hen Heroes volunteers to sound the alarm. Despite the public outcry, Iowa’s governor signed this legislation to ban undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses.

If you care about animals and transparency in our food system, make your voice heard. Tell the Iowa Tourism Office that you won’t visit the state and spend your consumer dollars in Iowa as long as this horrible law is in place.

Along with other amazing activist groups, Mercy For Animals has been at the forefront in defeating ag-gag initiatives. With your support, we will continue to shine a light on animal cruelty, protect our investigators, and bring mercy to suffering animals.
Leah Garcés
P.S. We are in the middle of an urgent match campaign to provide support to our undercover investigators. Your donation today will be matched, making twice the difference for animals.
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