These primates are in agony. Will you help them?

Dear Brigitte,

How do you get away with murder? You do it in a laboratory and call it "science."

Every year, more than 100,000 primates are imprisoned in laboratories, and most of them are tormented and killed in horrific, invasive experiments. The abuse begins early—babies are often torn away from their mothers within three days of birth and confined to barren steel cages in which they live out the rest of their lives in misery and excruciating pain. Many primates die in agony as a result of the experiments, and those who survive them are usually killed and dissected.

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Please, don't let animals' suffering go unnoticed. Those in laboratories are living in near-constant pain, fear, and neglect—and they need your help today.

In between painful experiments, monkeys are confined to barren steel cages.

They need you to give today so that no other monkeys' eyeballs are removed and the blood vessels leading to their brains aren't clamped to cause strokes in barbaric experiments.

Primates in labs are driven crazy by isolation and sensory deprivation.

They need you to give today so that intelligent, social animals are not forced into isolation and deprivation, where they lose their sanity and engage in acts of self-mutilation, such as biting their own flesh.

Alone and scared, primates used for testing live out their days in utter agony.

They need you to give today so that institutions like the University of California–Davis—which has been cited for 15 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act over the past five years—are not permitted to abuse, neglect, and kill more primates.

Every cruel experiment that we end, every company that we persuade to stop shipping animals to laboratories, and every deadly test that we help get replaced with an effective, non-animal method is a reminder of what's possible when kind people take action.

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