Help a neglected dog survive the winter cold.


Every dog should have a safe home, a warm bed to curl up in, and a caring family.

Every dog should have this—but not all of them are fortunate enough to. This winter, neglected dogs chained or penned outdoors will be shivering and wet, left to try to survive the rain, wind, and snow with little (if anything) to protect them from the elements. Without help, many may not make it through the freezing nights to come.

Will you help me survive the cold?

It's hard to understand how anyone could force a dog to live outdoors in torrential rain, blinding snowstorms, and freezing temperatures, but our fieldworkers encounter dogs in need every single day. They're often chained to trees with nothing more than an overturned barrel or trash can to serve as a poor excuse for "shelter"—if they have anything at all.

Since its beginning, PETA's "Angels for Animals" sponsorship program has supplied more than 7,000 doghouses to dogs in desperate need of shelter during the cold winter months. Our doghouses are sturdy and durable and offer protection for years through extreme winter and summer weather. Each one is elevated so that the floor is inches above the cold ground, ensuring that it remains dry and doesn't rot when it rains or snows. We deliver each one with treats, a toy, and straw for extra insulation against the cold.

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