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This has been a heck of a week... 


...for international and related domestic news. We’re going to highlight some stories that cut to the heart of major news out of Afghanistan and Haiti, as well as at home. 

But first, if you feel like you need something lighter, I want to share my video highlight find of this week. It actually happened earlier this month, Yankees vs. Orioles, and a cat got on the field. This frisky feline must have been watching the Olympics at the time and demonstrates some serious stamina and gymnastic skills.  Kudos cat.

I was incredibly moved to hear Brussels Morning Newspaper journalist Lailuma Sadid’s emotional question to the NATO Secretary General about what can be done to help Afghans. It’s a poignant reminder that news is personal and it’s the story of people that matters. If you feel removed from this week’s Afghanistan coverage, it certainly can offer a moment to refocus. Our Maine Pubic News team has been following updates on the efforts to help in Afghanistan, as well as recovery in Haiti after Saturday's earthquake and a round of storms.

I’m including an interesting look at so-called, “Haiti Fatigue.” This is the challenge aid agencies face when putting out the call for help about a place that has already suffered so much in recent years. It reminds me of my own coverage of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and their resilient people when I lived in Florida. 

We’ve also got stories on what makes a good cover song, the White Mountains, and a Daddy Shortlegs? Read more to find out!

And to close us out, one last cat story, this time a hero cat that helped rescuers find an elderly woman who fell down a ravine in England.


Until next read,


Mark Simpson, News Director

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