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May Newsletter

Dark Skies Save Sea Turtle Lives!

What qualifies a beach as “turtle friendly”? Click to read what qualities are essential for sea turtles to be safe during the nesting process, and for their hatchlings to develop and survive to reach the ocean safely. Read more here.

Update: Ban Death Nets

The campaign to end harmful driftnet fishing for swordfish, also known as “curtains of death” or “deathnets”, is making amazing progress! Read more here.

Natural Resources: Our Storm Surge Solution

By working with – rather than against – nature, we can keep people out of harm’s way and sustain our coastal communities into the future. Read the full story here.

Adopt A Nest For Mom

Adopt a nest of sea turtle hatchlings for the mothers in your life. Click here!

All packages include a personalized adoption certificate and other materials about endangered sea turtles.

Join Us On A Cocos Island Research Expedition

Have the experience of a lifetime on a unique conservation research expedition at Cocos Island National Park off the coast of Costa Rica.  Be a crucial part of Turtle Island Restoration Network’s long-term conservation study of sharks at Cocos Island. Cocos Island was recently named the best place to dive with sharks by CNN! Sign up today!



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