Happy Labor Day, Friend.

There are 57 days left until the U.S. presidential election that will determine whether Donald Trump stays in office. For some, the urgency of this date may have only become apparent in the last few months.

But for Bitch, this is a date we’ve been monitoring and preparing for since 2016.

As an independent, feminist media outlet run by a majority POC staff, the series of escalating horrors of the past few years have been anything but surprising. Even before the mishandling of a global pandemic, we knew the work that it would take to elevate the concerns that folks from marginalized communities had warned about this administration to a broader, national conversation.

We were intentional about ramping up our political coverage in the wake of 2016 to prepare our community for this moment, expanding our coverage on reproductive rights we knew would become increasingly contested; starting a monthly column on environmental justice to counteract a government that won’t even use the phrase “climate change”, and continuing to tell you What Just Happened within 48 hours of when there’s huge breaking news. Our editorial staff of three have put in long hours this year so that coverage about the protests against George Floyd’s murder by police, the subsequent growing movement for prison abolition, and the Democratic party’s search for their next vice presidential candidate centered the perspectives most sorely needed, and too often missing, from these conversations instead of just walking an imaginary middle line that this administration has long since blown past.

This is the work that Bitch was built to do, and it’s as needed in the coming months as it has ever been. But the truth is that, despite the urgency of this moment, it hasn’t been easy to fund. Our last two fundraising campaigns didn’t meet their goals. When the country started shutting down in March due to COVID-19, we immediately started to hear from Rage members who needed to cancel their memberships due to their economic situation getting upended overnight, and from sponsors and Bitch on Campus partners that found themselves unexpectedly needing to scale back their usual work with us because of their financial situations. We haven’t stopped covering what you rely on us for, but we can’t keep working anymore without asking for your help.



From now through September 25, we’ll be asking for your support to fund the next few months of our coverage. As we get closer to the election, the sheer volume of news (and accompanying misinformation) will make the need for rigorous, uncompromising feminist analysis more and more critical. And as we continue to slog through more months of a heartbreaking pandemic, the need for a feminist community to help get us through it all will be vital. Bitch is here for you, whatever November brings.

But truthfully, Friend, we can’t afford to miss our goal of $75,000 by September 25th.

If you value the work that Bitch provides for you on a daily basis—if you want the most robust amount of Bitch coverage on politics and pop culture through the end of the year—please donate $15 today. Your donation helps keep holding the powerful accountable. It helps us to keep centering your favorite uncompromising feminist voices.




So please: Help us reach our goal of $75,000 by September 25th by donating today.

To continuing to work for you,
director of fundraising


Bitch Media is an award-winning, nonprofit, feminist media outlet. We're community funded because we believe that there's no for-profit way to make truly independent, intersectional feminist media. If our work has to compete with a self-interested advertiser or a major investor, it's never going to be the kind of world-changing, movement-making, uncompromising work that needs to be done. It'll just be another contract negotiated in a patriarchal world. You like our attitude? Us too.