March eNewsletter

From a recently released short documentary to a multi-year study published in a peer-reviewed journal, our research setting the basis for creating the world’s first marine protected area between two sovereign nations is gaining momentum. If you are interested in supporting our research to protect sharks and sea turtles, please join our expeditions or make a donation today. We're excited to continue spreading the word about this significant swimway! 

Tell the Pacific Fishery Management Council to Oppose Pelagic Longlines off West Coast

The Pacific Fishery Management Council recently took the first step in authorizing pelagic longline fishing gear. After a hard won victory last fall that will transition California away from the drift gillnet fishery, we must not let one devastating fishing method be replaced by another equally destructive method. Please sign your name to our petition calling on the Pacific Fishery Management Council to maintain their commitment to reduce the incidental killing of marine life. 

Stream2Sea to Donate March Proceeds to TIRN

This month, we’re Stream2Sea's featured nonprofit, which means when you use code SEATURTLE at, not only will you receive a 10% discount on your purchase, 20% off your purchase will be donated to Turtle Island Restoration Network! Plus, if you get a Conscious Explorer Kit, an additional 10% will be donated to TIRN. Time to stock up on some eco-conscious sun & body care!

Hawaii Passes Landmark Protections for Sharks and Rays

Last month, we asked our network to take action and support a pair of bills that would provide landmark protections for sharks and rays in Hawaii waters. Our supporters sent more than 400 emails to the Hawaiian Senate, and Hawaii legislators voted to pass SB489 and HB808 that would make knowingly capturing, taking, possessing, abusing, entangling, or killing any shark or ray in Hawaiian waters illegal. Thank you for standing up for sharks and rays!

Join the Fight Against Single-Use Plastic Straws

This month, we launched a new campaign on the upper Texas coast to eliminate a source of single-use plastic straws by encouraging businesses and individuals to go plastic-straw free. Will you join us by taking action and pledging to quit using single-use plastic straws?

New Research Finds Endangered Sharks Migrate Through Unprotected Ocean

A new, multi-institutional study that is co-authored by Executive Director Todd Steiner shows the importance and limitations of marine protected areas and migratory routes in securing protections for highly migratory endangered marine species, like endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks.

City Rules to Remove Harmful Beach Debris

After persistence and support from our team in the Gulf of Mexico, the City of Galveston recently passed an ordinance that allows cleaning crews to remove canopies and other personal items left on public beaches from sunset to sunrise. Canopies and other beach items left overnight harm wildlife, and critically endangered sea turtles are often blocked by debris when they come ashore to nest.

Join our Earth Day Planting Party!

Turtle Island Restoration Network is hosting a free Earth Day Planting Party! Please join us on Saturday, April 20 from 10am-2pm at our headquarters in Olema, California as we honor and conserve Marin County's critically endangered Coho salmon. Activities for children and adults include planting native plants and trees, creating native plant seed balls, cleaning up our creek, restoration site tours, and more.

SFODiveShow Seminar Will Highlight TIRN’s Shark Research

In April, Executive Director Todd Steiner will present "Cocos Island Shark Tagging" at the SFODiveShow that will explore our research expeditions to Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica. Steiner and his colleagues have tagged more than 100 sea turtles and scores of sharks to demonstrate a connection for species migration between Cocos and the Galapagos Islands. We will also be tabling, and hope to see you there!

Block Fossil Fuel Lobbyist Bernhardt from Interior Department

The confirmation hearing for Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is fast-approaching, and we cannot let a fossil fuel lobbyist continue to mismanage our nation's natural resources and public lands. Use our platform to email your Senators today to oppose fossil fuel lobbyist Bernhardt for Interior Department.

Help Support the Galapagos Storybook Project

Our friends at MigraMar are publishing a storybook that will develop local children's understanding of the dangers facing Galapagos' marine life whilst connecting them with the awesome science that is taking place to protect them. They need our help printing an initial run of 2,000 copies of the storybook.

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