So many animals are desperately counting on you.

Did you read our letter about Arnold? There’s still time to spare animals like him from suffering. Please give today.

- Leah
Mercy For Animals Make twice the difference for animals
You can save him
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Make twice the difference for animals
Dear Jean,

Time is running out to join the Mercy For Animals 2018 Million-Dollar Challenge—your chance to DOUBLE your impact and spare animals from senseless abuse.

A generous MFA supporter has agreed to match all donations received by December 31 dollar for dollar, up to 1 million dollars. This is an amazing opportunity for you to fuel our work to end sickening factory farm abuse. The deadline is rapidly approaching, so I urge you to make your most generous gift possible today.

Jean, your support is vital to protecting animals from cruelty—animals like Arnold, whose story I shared with you last month. Like nearly all piglets in factory farms, Arnold was callously ripped away from his mother soon after he was born. Arnold wailed in agony as workers brutally ground down his teeth, chopped off his tail, and ripped out his testicles—all without painkillers.
Elsa the cow
  No animal should ever have to suffer. Make twice the difference for animals  
With your gift, MFA will continue to fight animal cruelty by going undercover, leveraging the footage we capture to urge major food companies to adopt more-meaningful animal welfare policies, inspiring millions more people to make compassionate food choices, and mobilizing supporters to take action against legislative attacks on animals and demand stronger animal protection laws.

Factory farm owners are working even harder to stop us from exposing the horrors inflicted on defenseless animals like little Arnold. Your year-end gift to MFA—matched dollar for dollar through our 2018 Million-Dollar Challenge—is critical to keeping up our progress. Please donate today.

Together, we can build a world where animals like Arnold are treated with the kindness and respect they deserve.
Leah Garcés
Leah Garcés
Make twice the difference for animals