Dear Friend,

Can you believe it's almost the end of 2017? As we close out the year, it's important to reflect on all that we have accomplished, brace ourselves for what's to come, and know that our efforts matter. Thanks for helping us fight for a blue-green planet!

We've got a lot of good news for you this month:


We raised awareness in Hawai'i about human rights abuses on longline fishing vessels.

Take Swordfish Off the Menu

We're boycotting swordfish to protect ocean wildlife from deadly commercial fishing methods.

Action Update: Sunscreen Ban

We're protecting Hawaiian coral reefs and habitat for sea turtles by asking Maui to ban sunscreen with harmful chemicals.

A Sea Turtle Statue Honors Volunteers

When you visit Galveston, Texas, check out this bronze sea turtle statue: a tribute to the volunteers who help count sea turtle nests.

Give A Unique Gift

Adopt a Nest of adorable sea turtle hatchlings for yourself or a loved one.

First Ever Cocos Scholarship Winner

For the first time ever, we offered a scholarship to an early career marine conservationist for our Cocos Island Research Expedition.


Happy holidays,

Todd Steiner, Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

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