Help end the nightmare for dogs and other animals used for their skin.

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Five times—that's how many times a slaughterhouse worker struck a small dog with a heavy club before the terrified pup collapsed next to a pile of dead dogs, each of whom had also been bludgeoned.

Dogs killed for their skin

Pools of blood, piles of carcasses, horrific violence—I know that this footage is difficult to watch, but it captures the living nightmare that hundreds of dogs at this slaughterhouse endure every single day before they're killed. Most of their skins are then turned into leather that may find its way into the wardrobes of unsuspecting consumers around the world.

These images reveal the devastating cruelty uncovered by PETA Asia's eyewitness investigator. Most of the dogs shown in this horrifying video were stolen animal companions or captured strays. Some of them still struggled to breathe after their throats were cut and before their skin was torn off.

Dogs skinned

Many of the leather accessories that are made from dogs are intentionally mislabeled and exported around the world to be sold to people who have no idea about their origin.

But with your support and that of kind people like you, investigations by PETA and our affiliates are making a difference for these sentient beings.

We need your support to keep pushing for change—and to spare the lives of some of the more than 1 billion dogs, sheep, ostriches, cows, and other living, feeling beings who could be slaughtered by the global leather industry this year.

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Ingrid E. Newkirk