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Sometimes you have to go the distance…


…for something you care about. And we have several stories this week that are prime examples of just that. Meanwhile, Mark Simpson is taking some well-deserved vacation days to spend time with someone he cares about: his daughter. So, I have the pleasure of sharing this week’s stories with you.

My latest reporting tells the story of why hundreds of Mainers are taking a knee for a social justice and community art project. It all started with one passionate artist, Titi de Baccarat, who moved to Portland in 2015 as an asylum seeker, and hopes to start conversations about racial justice and diversity in Maine.

In another blend of art and activism, a Maine-raised climate activist goes the distance, quite literally, for his cause. Mark Baumer set off on a barefoot trip across the U.S. in 2016 to raise awareness of climate change, and was tragically killed by an SUV in Florida. A new book of some of his writings was published this week.

And what happens when you become part of the story you normally write about? Fresh Air’s Terry Gross speaks with criminal justice Journalist Emily Bazelon, about her role in helping to exonerate Yutico Briley, who was sentenced to 60 years in prison at the age of 19.

We’re also highlighting new state legislation that is aimed at tackling all kinds of challenges, including Maine’s attempts to address PFAS chemicals contamination, a budget bill that provides free school meals for every Maine student, and the approval of drug consumption centers in Rhode Island.

Meanwhile, Iceland’s workforce is working smarter by…working fewer hours. And new research finds that they are happier, with no loss in productivity. So maybe that’s something to bring up with the boss-man when he returns. (Or perhaps he’s already reading this newsletter…hi Mark!)


Until the next time Mark is OOO…


Esta Pratt-Kielley

Digital News Reporter


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