Neighbors & Newsrooms Summit 




WHYY believes that the future of journalism is people: people in communities who commit acts of journalism with their neighbors and with reporters in nearby newsrooms. But to realize this future, neighbors and newsrooms must interact with one another regularly, not just when a story is breaking.  


The Neighbors and Newsrooms Summit is designed to foster relationship and collaboration between residents and reporters to better inform and engage communities. Learn about local journalism from a diverse group of experts and dream together about a future of journalism where  people are prioritized over platforms.


The 2022 Neighbors and Newsrooms Summit is presented by WHYY’s News and Information Community Exchange




Christopher "Flood The Drummer" Norris, WHYY’s Managing Editor for Community & Engagement.


Panelists include: 

Vanessa Maria Graber, News Voices Director, Free Press

Elizabeth Estrada, Engagement Editor, PlanPhilly

Derrick Cain, Engagement Editor, Resolve Philly

Emma Restrapo, Founder Dos Puntos 

Tamara "P.O.C" Russell, Founder of REVIVE RADIO

Max Strickberger & Alan Jinich of Generation Pandemic

Carl Day, Activist/Pastor 

Plus more!

Date & Time
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m

Virtual link provided. 

General Admission
General admission to the event
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