Tell Bayer: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides!

Bees are dying at alarming rates, largely thanks to Bayer's neonicotinoid pesiticides. But Bayer is pouring millions of dollars into a PR machine to avoid blame for the bee crisis!

Tell Bayer: Stop the spin and start saving bees!

We continue to lose unsustainable numbers of bees. This past year U.S. beekeepers lost an average of 43 percent of their colonies, putting our food system at risk.

Study after study shows that toxic neonicotinoids are a key culprit in bee declines and are harming other organisms, from earthworms to birds.

Our nation needs a strong food supply, and our farms need healthy bees to thrive -- but neonicotinoids are putting all of that at risk. There's a reason the European Union banned these harmful pesticides, the EPA placed a moratorium on new neonicotinoid products and states, businesses and cities across the country are restricting their use. The tide is shifting and it is time for Bayer to act. As long as Bayer continues to manufacture these chemicals, your brand will continue to suffer in the public's eyes. I call on you to pull your neonicotinoids from the market now!

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