WHYY Content Submission Form

WHYY accepts completed films for co-production or presentation consideration. Our television schedule is a delicate balance of national programming, budget considerations and discretionary airtime, so we may not be able to find a place for your program but will give it our full attention. Before you send your film, please review the WHYY Guidelines Summary below so you are aware of the requirements your program must follow to be considered for broadcast.

WHYY receives many program submissions each month, so please be patient and allow at least four to six weeks as we review your film and decide whether it is something we can fit into our local broadcast schedule.

  1. WHYY no longer accepts physical DVD submissions. Please provide a digital link to your program and any accompanying passwords.
  2. Provide a brief description of your program including the type and length of the program. If submitting a series, include the number of episodes and a summary of each episode.
  3. Full length programs must fit into a 30 or 60 minute block to be considered for air.
  4. WHYY will also consider short form interstitials between 30 seconds and up to 2 minutes.
  5. Shot in HD 1080p 1600x900
  6. Please list any current funders, funding amounts and funders you plan to contact in the future.
  7. Designate the rights information for your program including who holds the rights, how many times WHYY can air your program over a certain period of time, and if the rights are extended to both broadcast and digital.
  8. List any questionable content, including language, nudity or violence.
  9. If scheduled, WHYY is not able at this time to provide promotion/marketing for your program.
  10. Provide links to previous work.
  11. Any relevant information that will assist us in our review.